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Icon Exim - Custom Design and Development
Icon Exim - Custom Design and Development  
ICON EXIM offers custom designs that retain both our commitment to manufacturing quality and our attractive pricing.  Because we have close association with our manufacturing facilities and local representatives to interface with production personnel, we can control the R&D, design, production, and supply chain from start to finish, thus protecting our customers’ investments in exclusive products and product lines.  Any custom designs are maintained under strict confidentiality through our non-disclosure agreements.
ICON EXIM will provide your projects with process-drive methodology starting with engineering design continuing through production, employing Total Quality Management principles at every step of the process. We can assist with part of product design, mold and die making, material selection, production automation, and product enhancement.  

Our process follows the steps noted below:

1. Engineering Design  
  Planning and preparing drawings is the first step in the production or the fabrication.  ICON EXIM’s team of experienced design engineers and draftsmen are expert at the design, layout, and drawing of a wide variety of products for many industries.  
  As part of the design, we determine the most appropriate materials and methods, which may include hot or cold forming processes as well as sheet-metal working or machining. Heat treatments to increase durability such as annealing or tempering, and electroplating or hot-dipped galvanizing to provide a different finish may also be applied.  Our engineering staff works with the customer to offer options that can be tailored to specific applications.  
2. Mold and Die Making  
  The mold and die making process begins with drawings provided by the client or developed by our engineering staff using CAD/CAM software.  When this process is complete, toolmakers fabricate the mold per the drawing specifications.  We focus on precision and conduct numerous inspections to ensure quality.  We encourage customer involvement in each step of the mold making process, from drawing evaluation to final approval.  
3. Prototyping  

ICON EXIM can provide you with engineering prototypes made by several methods. We can make machined working models either from 3D CAD files or from 2D drawings. We can also have rapid prototype models made from a variety of materials, depending on the physical properties required. From any of these models, limited-use silicone molds can be made to provide cast urethane parts for detailed prototypes or even first production.

4. Product Testing  

For a product to be successful in manufacturing, careful consideration must be given to design elements that impact the ability to provide cost effective and reliable manufacturing.  ICON EXIM’s design engineering staff has experience in the key areas of test engineering and manufacturing and is committed to Total Quality Management (TQM) methodology that will help your product achieve highest quality and greater profitability.  We, on need basis, can also engage the services of internationally recognized independent testing laboratories to provide certification for our products meeting and adhering to the international industry standards such as ASTM, UL etc. to name a few.