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Icon Exim
4080 Lafayette Center Dr.
Suite 340
Chantilly VA 20151

PH: 703-230-2400
Toll-Free (USA)
1-877-TELICON (835-4206)
  Icon Exim - How We Can Help
ICON EXIM has manufacturing facilities in several countries and also maintains close collaborations and relationships with other manufacturers located internationally. Thus, we provide significant flexibility in our design process, allowing our customers considerable latitude in the selection and customization of products to fill their merchandise lines.  We are able to offer custom designs that retain both our commitment to manufacturing excellence and our attractive pricing.  We maintain offices at various locations so that manufacturing quality and customer satisfaction can be monitored closely by ICON EXIM product specialists.
In all our client dealings, ICON EXIM maintains strict confidentiality regarding prototypes, specialized design components or custom manufacturing.  Thus, we protect our clients’ investments in any proprietary elements inherent to their product lines.
Icon Exim - How We Can Help