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ICON EXIM’s wide range of gift products for our very quality-conscious buyers around the world includes Brassware, Glassware, EPNS, Antique & Metal Handicrafts, Lanterns, Candle Holders, Vases, Bowls, and other Gift Articles.  This product line was ICON EXIM’s initial offering and, as an established manufacturer, importer and distributor of décor and household items, our aim is to provide our buyers with creative and innovative products at very competitive prices.
Our team of highly skilled and experienced designers, artisans, and craftsmen are always working towards the creation of most exquisite and original items in antique, modern, classical and traditional styles, which are in rich vibrant colors, and made of the highest quality materials.  
Please browse through the links to the left to inspect some the items that we can provide.  You can use these designs as a starting point to suggest new product ideas.  
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  We also do custom design and development for new products. Click Here to go to Custom Design and Development page.